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Visa Requirements

Visa information

Most foreign visitors wishing to enter France must have a valid passport and obtain a visa before coming. Notice that visa for short-stay, i.e. less than 90days, for tourism or business is called “Shenghen visa” and is valid for all Shenghen countries, unless marked otherwise on the visa sticker. More information on getting the visa can be found HERE. The visitor should also ask for information and for the visa at the local French embassy.

Letter of acceptance

If your paper has been accepted, you can log on to PaperPlaza to download an acceptance letter that can be used for french visa applications. Please submit the final version of your camera-ready paper first and follow these instructions:

  1. Log on to PaperPlaza.
  2. Enter author or proposer workspace.
  3. In the “options” column, select “choose an option” and then “request an acceptance letter”.
  4. Enter your passport information and click download.
  5. Download your acceptance letter at the next page.

If you have other questions relative to visas and if you cannot find your answers with the above links, please contact: aim2014@femto-st.fr (use “about Travel information” as subject).