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Workshops and tutorials focusing on academia-industry partnerships and technology transfer in mechatronics research are welcome. Workshops and tutorials explicitly targeting the involvement of students and young researchers as presenters and/or target audiences are also welcome.

Workshops should focus on areas of active research, in order to provide an informal forum for participants to exchange developing research results and ideas. Tutorials should target established fields of research, in order to provide descriptions on its state of the art, by individuals who are recognised researchers in their field. We encourage state of the art programs with high level of interest, impact, creativity and innovation that will attract a broad audience.

AIM2014 workshop/tutorial proposals that address important and new topics related to the conference theme (“Intelligent Mechatronics and Smart Matter”) as well as mechatronics in general will be accepted and reviewed. Workshops should be focused on interaction between participants tin order o exchange new ideas and explore new directions in research. The primary criteria for selection are the anticipated level of interest, impact, novelty or creativity, and the technical background of presenters.

The proposal should include separate sections containing the following information:

Abstract (less than 200 words, indicating full or half day, workshop or tutorial)
Organizers (complete address, phone, and email)
Presenters with affiliations and status of confirmation
List of topics
Motivation and objectives (less than 300 words)
Primary/secondary audience
Schedule of open call for submissions (if planned)
Novelty with respect to previous workshops/tutorials
Proposals in a PDF file of up to 3 pages should be sent to the following address by email: aim2014@femto-st.fr (use ” Workshops/Tutorials submission” as subject). The deadline is February 20.

The date of the Workshops/Tutorials is: July 7th, 2013.